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With building projects across India, we at FeNerve know how to get the job done: professionally, at an affordable price, and all in a timely manner. From Design Management to Steel Erection, there is always something we can do to meet your Steel Building Pre-Construction and Construction needs..

Pre Construction

Design Managment

Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively-designed products.


Good scheduling can eliminate problems due to production bottlenecks, and insure the completion of a project.

Phasing Plans

It’s the responsibility of the contractor, to develop the construction phase plan, which must be completed before the client can allow work on site to proceed.


All of our building estimating plans prepare our clients to vision as estimators in a specific area of construction.


We ensure your project will be completed on time within authorised cost and to the required quality standards.

Zoning and Code Compliance

Zoning approval is needed for all new structures. Also, properties must be kept clean and orderly.

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